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Please feel free to peruse our many equestrian related articles. They have been gathered from many sources from around the net. They are published here with full permissions, and we offer them freely for your readership. Enjoy them.



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"Surprised at the Depth of Material!"

Charlie - thanks for the book.  I'll be taking riding lessons this spring and knew I needed something to get me started.  I thought I knew a little bit about horses but was pleasantly surprised at the depth of the material you cover in your book.  Thanks! I really look forward to taking lessons now!

Michelle Biele

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Compared to the cost of lessons for my son your book is a bargain!  I wasn't sure at first but it's clear now that the expert knowledge in this book taught him more than a couple hundred dollars worth of lessons....  it is worth every penny you charge for it.    Thanks again.

Shirley Ewing

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Great book!  It really helped me get started.  I've seen other horse books talk about lots of different subjects - but for someone getting started who doesn't know what to ask - your book is very helpful.  I'm glad I found it - thanks!

MJ Swinson